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Covid-19 Update

Mantella Corporation makes a philanthropic investment into COVID -19 Research to Sick Kids Foundation, Canada’s leading Hospital & Research Institute in light of the pandemic.

Sick Kids Foundation Research is developing COVID-19 therapeutic and prophylactic. The revolutionary approach to antibody development: SickKids/ Senior scientist Dr. Jean-Philippe Julien’s patented antibody scaffolding platform, that uses human, not animal, antibodies.

Work with human antibodies, not animal, so much faster to translate to human-ready product(s) – perhaps only platform in the world that addresses multiple mutations of a virus—rather than one strain—which makes it highly relevant for COVID-19.

Researcher Dr. Jean-Philippe Julien’s message

We humbly thank Dr. Julien for taking the time to share this message with Mantella Corporation Directors Sylvia and Robert Mantella.