ONEXONE works with local organizations to help create and operate programs that help children – focusing on providing essentials such as water, food, healthcare, and education. OneXOne has raised over 20 million dollars since its inception 2007. Sylvia was invited to serve on the ONEXONE board in 2011. In 2012 ONEXONE opened a hospital in Haiti, with a prenatal care room named in the Mantella family’s honor for their support provided since 2008.

At ONEXONE, we believe that Hope Belongs to Everyone, and that by creating countless tiny ripples of hope, one by one, we can truly change the world. We encourage you to help create more of these ripples by joining us at the ONEXONE Million Meals Challenge on May 23, 2014.

During the last seven years ONEXONE has accomplished much, helping the world’s most underprivileged children attain better access to health care, food, clean water, education and recreation. These things should not be privileges, but basic rights, and we will not rest until they are. We have taken many steps forward, but our work is just beginning, and the road ahead is long. Our journey has reinforced our belief that helping another person is not a responsibility or an obligation, but a privilege. Join Us… Be Part of the Solution.

For more information on ONEXONE or to become involved click here.