Robert Mantella

President and CEO

Robert Mantella’s first role at Mantella Corporation was to assist his father and President of the company at the time, Paul Mantella, and act as the liaison between the firm and the changing real estate environment.

It was 1993 and the real estate market was very different from where it was when Robert’s grandfather started the business almost 50 years earlier. The dynamic between commercial real estate agents and landlords was changing and the emergence of Real Estate Investment Trusts allowed just about anyone to invest in real estate assets with real estate managers handling the investments.

The business model used by traditional developers was quickly becoming obsolete and Robert began looking for ways to diversify Mantella and position it well for future growth. Realizing early on that his trusted relationships with banks and Industrial Commercial and Investment agents were critical to Mantella’s success, Robert started making changes within the company’s portfolio of assets.

In 2008, Robert sold a selected group of buildings and used the funds to start Mantella Venture Partners, in collaboration with Basecamp Labs. Robert, along with advisors Robin Axon and Duncan Hill, invests up to $500,000 in market altering startups in the mobile and Internet software sectors.

Part of Robert’s decision to move into tech startups has to do with his fascination watching his three teenaged kids expertly use technology everyday and his amazement at how much their lives revolve around their mobile devices and social networks.

Within its first year alone, Mantella Venture Partners’ invested in 60 incredible entrepreneurs, including an exit to Google for $25 Million. Robert is passionate about working with startups in the technology industry and helping develop these exciting, innovative companies into success stories in their own right.

In 2007, Robert married his life partner, Sylvia, and together they raise three children: Conrad, Sarah and Nicky.

Another of Robert’s passions is his collection of fossils and dinosaur remains, including replica skulls of ancient man and the real bones of life forms that walked the earth hundreds of millions of years ago. They remind him daily, he says, of how change and evolution are the keys to growth – and how, over time, it is the best who survive and succeed.